Как я могу получить кнопку «рулон» в центре?

Как я могу получить кнопку «катиться» в центре?

Я пытаюсь сделать так, чтобы кнопка в моем коде была сверху видео в центре, но я не совсем уверен, как я могу это сделать? Я пытался сделать кнопку как класс, например, class = «button», а затем я попытался сделать его центром, но он просто не работает. Я не собираюсь ничего делать в CSS, связанных с кнопкой, все делается внутри скрипта.

Вот код:

 {amp}lt;html{amp}gt; {amp}lt;head{amp}gt; {amp}lt;link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css" title="Default Styles"/{amp}gt; {amp}lt;script{amp}gt; var r_text = new Array(); r_text[0] = "How can we become more self-organised in the next sprint?"; r_text[1] = "How can we improve our productivity, increase our velocity?"; r_text[2] = "How can we get better in Transparency and Visibility of issues and challenges?"; r_text[3] = "How can our PO help us, to focus more on the sprint goal?"; r_text[4] = "How can our SM help us improve our delivery?"; r_text[5] = "How can we be more T-shaped in the next sprint?"; r_text[6] = "How should we celebrate our successes more?"; r_text[7] = "How can we reduce our cycle times?"; r_text[8] = "How can we make our daily scrum more effective?"; r_text[9] = "How can we improve our delivery flow by applying WIP Limit?"; r_text[10] = "How can we improve our collaboration?"; r_text[11] = "How can I help someone else in the next sprint?"; r_text[12] = "How can we improve our Sprint planning event?"; r_text[13] = "How can we demonstrate Scrum Value Courage more?"; r_text[14] = "How can we demonstrate Scrum Value Respect more?"; r_text[15] = "How can we demonstrate Scrum Value Focus more?"; r_text[16] = "How can we demonstrate Scrum Value Commitment more?"; r_text[17] = "How can we demonstrate Scrum Value Openness more?"; r_text[18] = "How can we make Sprint Review more effective?"; r_text[19] = "How can I help PO breakdown user stories better?"; r_text[20] = "How can we improve user story refinement?"; r_text[21] = "How did you overcome a dfficult situation/chalenge?"; r_text[22] = "How can we be more confident about our delivery?"; r_text[23] = "How well do you communicate with others?"; r_text[24] = "How well the team communicates with each other?"; var talk = new Array(); talk[0] = "Talk about issues in our Processes"; talk[1] = "Talk about issues in the Team behaviour"; talk[2] = "Talk about what you want your team to do more"; talk[3] = "Talk about what you want the team to stop doing"; talk[4] = "Talk about what you want the team to start doing"; talk[5] = "Tell us about something that helped you during the sprint to achieve work"; talk[6] = "Talk about something you learnt during the previous sprint"; talk[7] = "Talk about your sprint experience through a sport's game?"; talk[8] = "Talk about your worst time during the sprint?"; talk[9] = "Talk about the biggest success during the sprint?"; talk[10] = "Talk about he major issue you faced during the sprint?"; talk[11] = "Talk about a most recent problem and how did you overcome it?"; talk[12] = "Talk about something that you feared during sprint planning however it was not mentioned at that time?"; talk[13] = "Talk about someone in the team you inspire from and why? Don't mention the name"; var what = new Array(); what[0] = "What can Scrum Master to improve our Scrum Events?"; what[1] = "What made you feel happy?"; what[2] = "What made you feel unhappy?"; what[3] = "What was your key observations?"; what[4] = "What minor issues that slowed you down"; what[5] = "What can we change to make the biggest leap ahead?"; what[6] = "What did you see happening by someone you think everyone should try?"; what[7] = "What advise would you give to your team members? And why?"; what[8] = "What has been the biggest challenge so far?"; what[9] = "Which problems came up most frequently?"; what[10] = "What has been the most difficult situation in the sprint?"; what[11] = "What obstacles do you anticipate and how you think that can be addressed?"; what[12] = "What can we do to improve our Sprint planning event?"; what[13] = "What would you do differently in the next Sprint?"; what[14] = "What would you like to avoid in the next Sprint?"; what[15] = "What can we do to make our Scrum events more fun?"; what[16] = "What can we do to get full trust of our key stakeholders?"; what[17] = "What support do we need from our PO?"; what[18] = "What support do we need from our SM?"; what[19] = "What support do we need from our Stakeholders? Sponsrs/External…"; what[20] = "Describe the most difficult challenge team faced? What could have been done to avoid/fix it?"; what[21] = "What do you wish you could change in the way of working?"; what[22] = "What support do you need to achieve your sprint goal?"; what[23] = "What areas of your team WOW would you like to improve/change?"; what[24] = "What routinely gets in your way?"; what[25] = "What would you like your PO to do more and why?"; what[26] = "What would you like your SM to do less and why?"; var morefun = new Array(); morefun[0] = "Describe your feeling by naming a Movie. Explain"; morefun[1] = "Describe your feeling by singing a Song. Explain"; morefun[2] = "Describe your feeling by hands/body gestures."; morefun[3] = "Describe your sprint experience by telling a story?"; morefun[4] = "Who's someone you admire in the team?"; morefun[5] = "What is your favorite quotes?"; morefun[6] = "Who had the most influence on you growing up?"; morefun[7] = "What advise can you give us?"; morefun[8] = "If you could go back in time, what would you like to change? Work or Life"; morefun[9] = "Show your best dance moves?"; morefun[10] = "Draw an emoji to show how you feel about the sprint"; morefun[11] = "How would you have handled Brexit?"; morefun[12] = "If you would become the Prime Minister what would be your top agenda items?"; morefun[13] = "Do an animal impression (please don't tell)"; morefun[14] = "Do an impression of a Cartoon character (please don't tell)"; morefun[15] = "If you had a 30 hours a day, how would you use the extra time?"; morefun[16] = "If you could swap your role with another team member, who would it be?"; morefun[17] = "Do a Bhangra dance?"; morefun[18] = "Ask anyone in the team to perform an act? Movie character, cartoon character etc…"; morefun[19] = "Stand on one leg and jump 5 times, or ask your PO to do this act?"; morefun[20] = "Ask your SM or PO to perform a celebration move, or could decide to do it yourself."; var showshare = new Array(); showshare[0] = "Share your most recent learning experience?"; showshare[1] = "Share any productivity improvement tip with the team?"; showshare[2] = "Share your best moment during the Sprint and why?"; showshare[3] = "if you could change one thing about yourself what would you choose?"; showshare[4] = "If you could eliminate one thing from your daily routine what whould it be?"; showshare[5] = "If you could become an expert in any area instantly, what would it be?"; showshare[6] = "Share a tip to help others improve their ways of working?"; var goingtodo = new Array(); goingtodo[0] = "Do I/we understand the Product Vision? Team and I"; goingtodo[1] = "Do I/we understand the Sprint Goal? Why, Value, Benefits. Team and I"; goingtodo[2] = "Do I/we communicate well within the team? Team and I"; goingtodo[3] = "Do I/we communicate well outside the team? Team and I"; goingtodo[4] = "Do I/we collaborate with team and outside team? Team and I"; goingtodo[5] = "Do I/we openly raise issues and challenges? Team and I"; goingtodo[6] = "Do I/we openly talk about impediments?"; goingtodo[7] = "Do we ask each other for help and support?"; var videos = [{ id: 1, url: "http://ebeessolutions.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Dice-3d-1.mp4?autoplay=1", text: function(){ return r_text[Math.floor(r_text.length*Math.random())]; } }, { id: 2, url: "http://ebeessolutions.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Dice-3d-2.mp4?autoplay=1", text: function(){ return what[Math.floor(what.length*Math.random())]; } }, { id: 3, url: "http://ebeessolutions.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Dice-3d-3.mp4?autoplay=1", text: function(){ return talk[Math.floor(talk.length*Math.random())]; } }, { id: 4, url: "http://ebeessolutions.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Dice-3d-4.mp4?autoplay=1", text: function(){ return morefun[Math.floor(morefun.length*Math.random())]; } }, { id: 5, url: "http://ebeessolutions.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Dice-3d-5.mp4?autoplay=1", text: function(){ return showshare[Math.floor(showshare.length*Math.random())]; } }, { id: 6, url: "http://ebeessolutions.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Red-dice.mp4?autoplay=1", text: function(){ return goingtodo[Math.floor(goingtodo.length*Math.random())]; } } ]; var currentTimeout = null; window.onload = function() { function rollVideo(numberRand) { let playerDiv = document.getElementById("random_player"); if (document.querySelector("iframe") !== null) { document.querySelector("iframe").remove(); } let player = document.createElement("IFRAME"); let randomVideoUrl = videos[numberRand].url; player.setAttribute("width", "640"); player.setAttribute("height", "390"); player.setAttribute("src", randomVideoUrl); playerDiv.appendChild(player); document.getElementById("text").innerHTML = ""; clearTimeout(currentTimeout); currentTimeout = setTimeout(() ={amp}gt; { document.getElementById("text").innerHTML = videos[numberRand].text(); }, 3000); } document.getElementById("btn-roll").addEventListener("click", startRoll); function startRoll() { let currentNumber = Math.floor(Math.random() * videos.length); rollVideo(currentNumber); } }; {amp}lt;/script{amp}gt; {amp}lt;/head{amp}gt; {amp}lt;button id="btn-roll"{amp}gt;Roll{amp}lt;/button{amp}gt; {amp}lt;div id="random_player"{amp}gt; {amp}lt;div id="text"{amp}gt;{amp}lt;/div{amp}gt; {amp}lt;/div{amp}gt; {amp}lt;/html{amp}gt; 

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