JavaScript — конвертировать предложения в тексте в ссылки


Подробности прокомментированы в демоверсии

{amp}lt;!DOCTYPE html{amp}gt;
{amp}lt;html lang='en'{amp}gt;

  {amp}lt;meta charset='utf-8'{amp}gt;

I am the egg man
They are the egg men
I am the walrus
Goo goo g'joob
     * Convert a given elements (1st param - selector) text into an {amp}lt;a{amp}gt;nchor tag 
     * that when clicked, will jump to site and translates the
     * text within the {amp}lt;a{amp}gt;nchor to a given language (3rd param - langB).
     * @param  {String} selector  The reference of the element (aka tag) to convert.
     * @param  {String} langA     The original language text is in.
     * @param  {String} langB     The language to which the text will be translated to. 
     * @return {Object}           The new DOM Object/tag.

    Pass the selector string of target tag, 
    the current language as a two letter abbreviation,
    and the two letter abbreviation of the language that the text will be translated to
    const transLink = (selector, langA, langB) ={amp}gt; {

      // Reference the target tag
      const tag = document.querySelector(selector);
      // Get the text of tag and encode it.
      let encoded = encodeURIComponent(tag.textContent);
      // Interpolate values into a template literal of the new URI
      const uri = `{amp}amp;op=translate{amp}amp;sl=${langA}{amp}amp;tl=${langB}{amp}amp;text=${encoded}`;
      // Interpolate values into a template literal of the new {amp}lt;a{amp}gt;nchor
      const link = `{amp}lt;a href="${uri}" target='_blank'{amp}gt;${decodeURIComponent(encoded)}{amp}lt;/a{amp}gt;`;
      // Make a Range Object to facilitate selection of tag content
      let range = document.createRange();
      // Select all content within tag
      // Delete the content
      // Prepend and render the htmlString "link"
      tag.insertAdjacentHTML('afterbegin', link);
      // return tag
      return tag;

    Find the first {amp}lt;pre{amp}gt; then covert its contents from English text into a link 
    with Spanish text
    console.log(transLink('pre', 'en', 'es'));


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